Empowerment, Embodiment, and Transformation

My work is about helping people to discover and embody their highest potentials, their hidden strengths, and their capacities for creativity, connection, and transformation.

I specialize in:

•  Somatics and Embodiment

•  Aikido

•  Mindful Leadership and
   Conflict Transformation

•  Unlocking Creativity

•  Mindfulness, Awareness,
   and Awakening Practices

•  Autism and Neurodiversity

I offer workshops, retreats, talks, trainings, coaching, and consulting.

I work with all sorts of people: adults, teens, and children; educators and mental health professionals; college students and at-risk youth; managers and executives; performers, artists, and writers; individuals, couples, teams, and groups of all sizes.

I also write, teach at California Institute of Integral Studies, do occasional public speaking engagements and guest lectures, and run an aikido dojo.

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